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Thermae & Spa

Treating the body and mind with thermal water and thermal mud: at our hotel, not only will you find a state-of-the-art treatment area with specialised therapists, but also a wellness centre where you can choose from a wide range of personalised therapies.
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A 30-year-long journey that makes it precious and unique: our thermal water comes from the Lessini Mountains, in the Veneto Pre-Alps. Here it descends as many as almost 3,000 metres deep into the subsoil in the form of rainwater, and on its long journey towards the Euganean area, where it gushes out at a temperature of 87°C, it is enriched with mineral salts and trace elements that make it unique in the world


Our thermal structure uses “Mature Mud” certified by the University of Padua.Mud is the typical curative element of our thermal complex, and it is made of a solid clay-like component, a liquid component (salted-bromide-iodic hypothermal water) and an organic one (algae, protozoan, etc…).

For the mud to become an actual medicine, it needs to “mature” inside special tanks, being in direct and constant contact with thermal water, sunshine rays and air. Only mature mud has clinical, physical, biological and, therefore, therapeutic characteristics that make it the most suitable means for an anti-inflammatory, pain-killing, muscle relaxing and revitalizing therapy.

A traditional mud therapy treatment consists of:

(about 15-20 min): this procedure is in the care of experienced staff who follow the therapeutic indications of the thermal doctor; after the application of mud, the guest is wrapped up in sheets and blankets in order to reduce heat loss.


  • In our Hotel, the treatment and rehabilitation division is equipped with some cutting edge thermal installations which you will be able to reach, wearing your bathrobe, directly from your room using the elevator.
  • Our specialized professional therapists are at your disposal so that mud therapy, inhalations and the numerous complementary treatments are highly effective for you. They will treat you with an indispensable hospitality and are extremely helpful in meeting all your needs in order to make the treatment period an important part of your holiday
  • Everything is under the supervision of our sanitary director, who will advise you on the number and the length of your treatments.
  • The Hotel was classified in the First Superior Category by the Ministry of Health for the quality of the service and the thermal treatments.
  • Our Thermal Centre is written in the OTP Monitoring Service of the University of Padua for thermal mud checking, improvement, and quality.

Anti-inflammatory active ingredients in the Euganean thermal mud baths

The European Patent No. 1571203 protects and guarantees the presence in thermal mud of numerous active ingredients, naturally produced during the ageing process when correctly regulated. Scientific research at the Pietro d’Abano Thermal Studies Center, owner of the patent, has allowed identifying them and shown the efficaciousness in treating chronic and degenerative inflammatory pathologies, in particular of osteoarticular origin.

In these few, but essential, points, we will explain why mud is good …

  • Micro-algae present in mature mud produce a series of compounds that have an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, and so are particularly effective in osteoarticular diseases, such as arthrosis.
  • Mud stimulates the system, triggering beneficial metabolic reactions.
  • The heat absorbed by the body during the session causes sweating; therefore a course of treatments induces a phase of system purification.
  • That same heat has an important muscle relaxing effect and helps to loosen and relax the body.
  • DOC mature mud has been recognised as a natural medicine, with no side effect.
  • The real well-being derived from a course of mud-balneotherapy is carried home, after the holiday: you will feel the benefits for the following 6-12 months. This is why those who discover the Abano Terme mud baths return to our hotel year after year for a course of treatments.
  • Due to the composition of thermal mud, a hot compress on the skin produces a scrub effect, leaving the skin smooth and shiny.
  • Mud is also an excellent remedy for rebalancing oily skin. Conveniently filtered, it is used for purifying masks.
  • Mud-balneotherapy simulates the production of endorphins (responsible for good humour), of cortisol (the natural cortisone produced by the body), of adrenal hormones, in other words the substances that stimulate affection.
  • A course of mud and thermal baths brings about progressive psychophysical relaxation
Health Info: why the ozone in thermal baths? Ozone amplifies the muscle relaxing and analgesic effects of balneotherapy in a thermal pool. In addition, it cleanses the skin and activates epidermal renewal.

For those who choose a set price stay and mud-therapy programme, the ozone in the thermal bath is included in the set price!


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