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Territory & Golf

Our hotel is at the center of a wide sunny plain, surrounded by 81 green hills, the Euganean Hills, a fascinating territory with small villages, castles, gardens and parks with small lakes and centuries-old trees where you can play golf among the most beautiful golf courses in Italy
And a few kilometers further on… the cities of art that all the world envies us: Venice, Padua, Verona …
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Dedicated to golf players.
a few minutes drive from Harry’s Hotel you can reach 3 among the most beautiful golf courses of the Veneto Region which are:

The Euganean Hills

The Euganean Hills: castles, villas, and villages surrounded by nature

Between sunbathing and bathing in thermal water, you can dive into our green Euganean Hills, the wonderful natural amphitheatre that encircles the town of Abano Terme.
A landscape sketched by Mother Nature herself millions of years ago, worth exploring wandering along the many walkways and paths that criss-cross these hills, by bike and on foot.

  • Villas, gardens, abbeys: near Abano, in the middle of a sunny valley, stands the majestic Praglia Abbey, with its warm colours. A few kilometres further down the road, you can visit Catajo Castle, where the tormented spectre of Lucrezia degli Obizzi roams, or the garden of Valsanzibio, with its large fountains and water features. In addition, nestled on a hill, the medieval village of Arquà Petrarca, amongst the most beautiful in Italy, a pearl among pearls, Villa dei Vescovi, an enchanting villa adorned with frescoes, which often opens its doors for cultural, chic and high-society events.

  • Castles and walled towns: other unmissable stops include the walled towns of Monselice with its castle, Este with its colourful squares, but also Montagnana and its fortress and Cittadella, the only town in Europe whose walls are totally walkable.
Euganean Hills Regional Park: it is 18.702 hectares and includes the highest hill peaks of the Padana plain. Secular oak trees and chestnut tree woods alternate with Mediterranean bushes and large vine and fruit terrace cultivations.

Running, Trekking, Nordic Walking
For those of you that love sport “on two feet”, around Abano there are lots of itineraries and paths that cross the Euganean Hills Regional Park, a large area that covers up to 15 municipalities.
Along the banks of the rivers, in the middle of the woods, on the vast Veneto plane, up and down the hills, among vineyards and olive groves, there are countless routes, for all tastes and difficulty levels, which will allow you to run and walk filling your lungs with the breath of nature.

Cycle ring of the Euganean Hills
If you are sport lovers and want a few hours of physical activity, our bicycles will be at your disposal to visit Abano, the environs and the Euganean Hills, following the many bicycle routes in the area.
Such as the cycle ring of the Euganean Hills, a 64 km cycling route that will allow you to discover the area in a pleasant way, with stops for art, food and wine, at the many agricultural and wine-producing companies in the area.


Just a few kilometres from Padua, Venice, Verona, Vicenza …

We are at your disposal for useful suggestions about places to visit with your own car or we can also book guided tours for the closest cities of art:

  • Padua (12 Km), the city of a thousand faces, the cradle of science, with its ancient University founded in 1222, where Galileo Galilei taught for 18 years. The oldest and the newest university Botanic Gardens in the world, but also the frescoes by great artists such as Giotto, and the Basilica del Santo, Saint Anthony’s mausoleum, visited by millions of pilgrims annually.

  • Venice and its islands (45 Km), the most romantic and most beautiful city in the world where you can wander among the calli and campielli (small laneways and squares) before unexpectedly arriving in Saint Mark’s Square, where the domes of the Basilica dominate in the centre, the highest bell tower in the city looms and the Doge’s Palace speaks for itself.

  • Vicenza (30 Km), a gem of a city, where one of the greatest architects of all time left masterpieces such as the Olympic Theatre, the Chiericati Palace and the Palladian Basilica that today hosts spectacular exhibitions, with pieces from museums all over the world.

  • Verona (80 Km), where you can follow in the footsteps of the lovers Romeo and Juliet, stroll in the shade of the Scaligero Palaces or on the famous 14th century bridge, where the river Adige flows silently under its arches. During the summer, we suggest you see the opera at the Verona Arena at least once. After you look at the opera schedule, we will book the ticket and transfer for you.

  • In a radius of just a few kilometres, you can also visit Treviso, Marostica, Bassano, Asolo and the many other Veneto Villas scattered across the area: in our region, there are almost 4,000 of them!