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“Elisir”, Vapour Oasis

Let yourselves be pampered from the start of your day: awaken your body with exercises in thermal water, treat yourselves to an energising massage or a beauty treatment, and then laze in our Vapour Oasis, Elisir: with Finnish sauna, chromo therapy showers and Turkish bath, relaxation is guaranteed!
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Salt Wall by Starpool combines the benefits of mineral salt with the relaxing effects of light. Thanks to its stove, which regulates and maintains the intensity of heat and humidity in the room, you create the right conditions to encourage the natural process of ionization of the mineral salt.

This is not a sauna: the temperature is around 20° C. The salt is ionized by a special treatment, allowing it to release its beneficial properties.

The main benefits of salt rooms affect:
- the breath (fighting asthma, cough, infections, etc.);
- the skin (relieving dermatitis, psoriasis, etc.).


Inspired by the ancient Roman baths, this place gives life to a world where absolute tradition revives and gets improved thanks to a patented system providing heat through radiation from the wall, reinforced by the internal stove, and strong visual and aromatic emotionality.
Every five minutes for fifteen seconds, the ceiling dispenser releases an aromatic flow accompanied by energetic red lighting on the heated stones of the stove.
This timed mist creates a cloud of hot steam promoting the release of a delicate scent of lavender, ensuring a higher quality of heat (temperature 45-50 °) and maintaining constant relative humidity (55-65%).


Bath with extremely hot and dry air in an appropriate wooden cabin. The temperature reaches 85/90°C.
The beneficial effects of the warmth helps the cardiovascular system.
A session of using the Finnish Sauna is a valuable stimulation to allow the body to detoxify.
Moreover, through sweating, the body eliminates acids and toxins and the skin purifies itself.


They are veritable sensorial showers with water at different temperatures, lights, and essences.
-Cold Mist: chilly shower imbued with naturally refreshing essences of mint and blue colour therapy.
-Tropical Shower: big drops of warm water fall down with a natural passion fruit essence and orange colour therapy.
-Stream Shower: energizing cold bath (5-15°C) used as a contrast to the hot bath for stimulating and improving blood circulation.


Hot Bath of Steam (45-48°C). The dampness of the steam favours the PH regulation of the skin as well as moisturizes and cleans it.
The steam is suitable for improving the respiratory system and it is advisable for helping rheumatic pains, muscles tensions and insomnia.
This steam has a strong purifying and re-mineralizing power. By adding some natural herbal essences to the steam you get a pleasant and beneficial aromatic bath.

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Waterfalls of ice with flat nozzle wall and timed activation.
Because of its characteristics, it is the cold reaction that best matches with Finnish sauna heat bath or with steam bath.
The Waterfalls of ice Program with basin containing crushed ice offers toning effects.